A whole new world

January 18, 2018

Tom Gere who heads up the TLA VR and AR working group is joined by Taff Morgan from The Open University

If you were a latecomer to the Bitcoin craze, you’ll probably be quite glad that this is a free podcast. While you count losses, the next hour might give you some good advice on where to invest next time.

Sue Nelson and Russ Shaw had some extremely interesting topics to discuss on this week’s show – Space & VR anybody?

 To start with we chatted to Thomas Gere from Realities Centre, who is also head of the TLA VR & AR working group. Anything that he doesn’t know about VR or AR, isn’t worth knowing!

 From a virtual world, to out of this world and into Space, Sue recently met Taff Morgan at an event. Taff works for the Open University in the Physical Science department – we talked about the future of Space travel, among many other exciting and futuristic things.




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