The TechTalk Show

Birds of a feather flock together

April 28, 2017

Seriously Siri! Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes are joined in the studio by their virtual fruity friend for the start of the show, like a little PA he/she/it is reading out their personal WhatsApp messages – that’s dangerous.    

We all know that Siri cannot hold our interest for too long though, we’ve tried it. Thankfully we are joined in the studio by Latif Baluch and his new social calendar, ‘I’m In Diary’. This app is brilliant, you can vote, chat and generally arrange your way to a fantastic event.

We had to try and keep calm in the studio for Unboxing, but there was a horrific whirring noise going around – surely it wouldn’t be from a device specifically designed to soothe the mind. Verdict: Back in the box!

To help us overcome our headache, we were lucky to have ? from eConsult whom we had spoken to at the Wearable Technology Show. It’s kit for GPs that keep the queues down at the surgery, and hopefully your symptoms too. Dan and James got the scoop.

Lastly, far be it from our presenters to dance a ballet, we had a Black Swan of a different kind. Steve King’s company aren’t wearing tutus, they are busy utilising a wealth of data to create digital solutions and solve marketing problems for some big-name clients.