Keeping Albert safe in the city

April 19, 2018

Jillian Kowalchuk talks about her app, Safe and The City, while Ivo Weevers talks us through Albert. 


Feeling hot, hot, hot…the mercury is finally rising and it’s giving us those happy vibes. Don’t bother booking a summer holiday just yet, there’s plenty of quality tech happening here in the UK.

London has a number of different sun traps to discover in beautiful weather like this, but if you’ve followed the news recently you’ll know that it’s not always the safest city.

Our first guest on this week’s show is Jillian Kowalchuk – she has founded the fantastic Safe In The City App. It allows its users to indicate incidents of sexual assault, harassment, stalking and lots of other things. Primarily for women, we discuss how it can be tough for some women to come forward and speak out about their experiences.

We meet a lot of companies on this show who have built amazing tech companies, having started as a one-man band. Somebody fighting their corner is Ivo Weevers, he has created the Albert platform which is saving time against time consuming chores like expenses.


Saving Bletchley Park

April 12, 2018

Dr Sue Black explains how she helped to save Bletchley Park, Philip Sheppard discusses music and Jo Davies talks branding with VIM Group

Mark Zuckerberg sat in a booster chair during a five-hour Facebook grilling, YouTube had its highest-viewed video of all time deleted and Trump probably upset people on Social Media – a week in the world of tech…thankfully we’ve got another brilliant TechTalk podcast to keep you sane.

We’re excited about this one.

Our first guest this week is arguably one of the most inspiring women in tech. It was an honour to have Dr Sue Black on the show. She’s done just about everything and I don’t get paid by the word, so I’ll keep it to the point and say that she’s a computer scientist, academic and social entrepreneur who helped to save Bletchley Park. Oh, and she has an OBE. Just click play to hear the full inspiring story. 

Although the bar was set high by our first guest, Philip Sheppard also wowed us with his knowledge, innovation and experience within the music industry – not something we’ve covered before. Phillip is working on some amazing technology which you need to keep your eye on – he is about to disrupt the market.

Branding is an important element to both Dr Black and Philip Sheppard, so it was great to welcome Jo Davies on to the show too. Jo is the Managing Director of VIM Group – a company with over 25 years of experience, achieving success on over 1,000 projects.


Building up and buffering down

April 5, 2018
Hussain Hilli talks Byoot and Anthony Impey introduces Optimity
Word on the street this week is that Apple’s next iPhone won’t even need to be touched – because using your thumb is far too much exercise in 2018... We’re on-board with it all though, as long as it can read your mind and stream TechTalk at all hours of the day.
Rivalling Apple for their innovation is our first guest on this week’s podcast, Hussain Hilli. He’s a bit of a star in the tech world. He has been named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and has founded Byoot. The company are helping you build your designs from the ground up.
Moving on……………………………………oh, sorry about that. Looks like we’re having some buffering issues. Must be dodgy internet. We’d better call Optimity. Anthony Impey founded the company who are coming to the aid of businesses who are stuck with rubbish speeds, thanks to their solutions in the sky.

Finding the right fit

March 29, 2018
Tom Adeyoola talks Metail while Grant Dudson & Luca Amaduzzi introduce us to Cycl
When it rains, it pours, and things continue to pour down on Facebook. By contrast, we’ll be basking in the Easter sunshine (hopefully, but probably not) with another great hour of TechTalk. Four days off work…yes please. 
Our first guest on this week’s show introduced a topic which we haven’t really talked about before…clothes. Ever find yourself giving the postie a backache by ordering bag after bag of online shopping?
We don’t blame you, it’s quite tough and none of it ever fits. However, Tom Adeyoola has a solution with Metail. They are using the cleverest tools in tech to make sure that everything fits just right.
Our other guests on the show are on a mission to get the country cycling safer. They already wooed the judges on Dragons Den and now they’ve got our presenters impressed with their winglights. Why do we still use hand signals? Luca Amaduzzi & Grant Dudson pondered the same and went about setting up Cycl.

Losing expenses, building muscles

March 22, 2018

Innovation aplenty with Andrea Zitna's Elvie product and Emma Maslen's expenses revolution with SAP Concur.


The folk at Facebook have taken a bit of a beating this week – they’ve been a bit naughty and Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings have taken a multi-billion-dollar hit.

While we probably don’t need to set up a JustGiving page for him, the American innovator might be relieved to find that his favourite podcast is back with another episode and is entirety free to stream and download.

Facebook is arguably the pinnacle of Social Media, but our first guest on the show this week is leading the way in FemTech. You may recall our TechTalk 22 feature just before Christmas – our top 22 innovative companies to watch out for in 2018 – and Elvie were extremely highly regarded. Previously a taboo topc, Andrea Zitna explains how her company are tackling an important female health issue with their Kegel trainer. 

We also welcomed Emma Maslen on to the show. Why? We needed to talk about expenses, that’s why. Emma is the Managing Director of SAP Concur – they are a big company who are aiming to tackle the nightmare of the recurring receipts. They’re making it more techy and easier…sign us up!


Robots learn how to get arty

March 15, 2018

Bernadine Brocker from Vastari, Mostafa El Sayed from Automata Technologies and James Gupta from Synap. 


New Zealand are winning the race for pilotless air taxis with their release this week, but we still think the UK is flying highest in the world of technology. We had three guests this week to help us get off the ground.  

 Even Russ Shaw, from the USA, believes that the British Isles – and London in particular – are the right places to be in this tech revolution. That’s why he created the Tech London Advocates.

To kick us off, we delved into a topic that we haven’t really explored in the past art exhibitions. You may think that art & tech don’t mix – but there’s so much going on behind the glass of the exhibits that you wouldn’t even be aware of. Bernadine Brocker is our tour guide and walks us through the story.

From art on to robots, we spoke to Mostafa El Sayed who builds robots for a living. Imagine that. His Automata Technologies company have developed Eva – an elegant, simple and affordable robot arm built for professionals. It improves productivity on a production line, in a lab or in a classroom.

Let’s end things with a quiz. How cool is the Synap platform? Answer: very cool. Synap makes it easy to create, practice and share multiple choice tests and quizzes – James Gupta talks us through.



Tip top techy treats

March 8, 2018

Tim Sadler talks Tessian, David Raine explains EveryLife Technologies and Ian Napier tells us why we should use Switchee


We’re too good to you guys. Yeah, we always have the best techy guests on our podcast, but we’ve gone above and beyond this time around. All of this week’s guests are metaphorical life savers in one way or another.

 Our first gift comes in the form of Tim Sadler and his company, Tessian. Have you ever sent a private email to the wrong person? Of course you have. These guys are pioneering the generation of email security – you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

 From one legend to another, we then welcomed David Raine on to the airwaves. David is from EveryLife Technologies, they are giving the care industry a proper makeover by revolutionizing the way that notes are made for patients who need the most clarity.

Finally, we met somebody who can save you a pretty penny or two. Ian Napier has gone from the TA to the tip top of home tech with Switchee. They have created a Smart Connected Thermostat – designed to help affordable housing providers fight fuel poverty.



Recharge, don’t flat line

March 1, 2018
Dan Bladden introuduces the future of mobile charging with Chargifi & Alastair Barrow talks us through Haptics in the medical world with Generic Robotics
How many techies does it take to figure out a solution to keep Britain’s public transport moving when it starts snowing? Evidently not enough. We only had to hike through the blizzards, whilst getting frostbite, to bring you this podcast. Thank us later.
Our snowy trek left us pretty short of juice on our phone; no adventure would be complete with a Snapchat selfie or two, obviously.
Luckily, we had a wireless charging guru who graced us with his presence. Dan Bladden founded the Chargifi brand which is working on world domination when it comes to getting their technology into your favourite cafes and restaurants. Amen to that.
Our last guest, Alastair Barrow, both terrified and reassured us with equal gusto. Alastair has founded Generic Robotics, they create training devices for clinical skills built around “haptics” – the science of touch feedback. Terrifying because trainee surgeons have, in the past, been left feeling inexperienced in key situations. Reassuring because this new training method will cut mistakes, potentially life-ending mistakes. Cheery.

Virtually Building the Future of Tech

February 22, 2018

We like a bit of consistency; user updates are  still offending Snapchat users and TechTalk still has fantastic guests to chat to each week – this week is no exception and Russ Shaw was back in the presenting chair for this one.

Now, our researchers back at TechTalk HQ usually give our guests a quick scout before we start recording, but, to chart our first guest’s professional experience it would take weeks and weeks to get it all down on paper.

Jacqueline de Rojas is the President of Tech UK and has worked for some huge firms in the past. With so much experience in the tech world, we were delighted to hear her thoughts on the industry.

Our other guest is no stranger to us either. Daghan Cam was named as one of our top techies to watch in 2018, as part of the TechTalk22, with his company, AI Build. Originally an architect, Daghan is turning his hand to 3D printing using robots. Wow. Mind blowing.


Combatting gender discrimination

February 15, 2018
Sally Durcan and Mehran Zadeh of Talk to Mums are joined by Jana Hlistova 
We love a bit of controversy on the TechTalk Show, although we tend to call it ‘fierce debate’, and this week’s show doesn’t fail to disappoint as we tackle some very difficult subjects.
First of all, we were delighted to meet Sally Durcan from Talk to Mums. She has developed a fantastic platform which allows busy mums to share valuable thoughts and opinions on a range of products, which also allows them to keep an income.
Companies love working with Talk to Mums as a source of marketing. What goes into marketing? Psychology, of course. Who better to talk about Psychology? A Neuroscientist, obviously. Joining Sally was Mehran Zadeh, who digs into the fascinating insight of how the brain can affect your purchases.
Bringing the show to a close was the fantastic Jana Hlistova – she setup JH Consulting and has arich experience in the business world. As a gender advocate, we took the opportunity to discuss some hard-hitting topics like the gender pay gap and discrimination in the workplace.