Enable your digital skills to grow

December 8, 2017

Navroza Ladha from the Government department for Digital Skills is joined by TLA India founder Aftab Malhotra.


Temperatures are dropping, winds are rising and rain is falling. It’s that horrible time of year. Luckily, we had some warm tech debate to keep Sue Nelson and Sarah Luxford happy as we near Christmas.

First up, we were delighted to welcome somebody hugely influential in the tech industry. Joining us this week was Navroza Ladha, she is Deputy Director for Digital Skills and Inclusion in the Government and was able to give us some fantastic insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Our other guest is also hugely influential in the tech world – Aftab Malhotra, among many other things, he has founded Growth Enabler – they use AI and Algorithms to create intelligence on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Innovations that empowers you to make informed decisions – and also the TLA India group.


Squaring off the legal edges

December 1, 2017


This week we are joined by Sarah Harvey from Square & Pat Saini from Pennington Manches 


Innovate UK special

November 24, 2017

Get to the grips with the best of UK tech innovation


We love it when we go on the road at TechTalk. It’s handy to have a studio close to Euston Station, because we were able to head up to the fantastic Innovate UK event.

We sent our roving reporter, Steve Griffiths, up to Birmingham’s NEC Arena where he was greeted by an abundance of fantastic UK companies who are revolutionising the tech scene.

In this special show we hear from Zelter Shelter, Emteq, Dynamon, Zinergy, EcoGo, Touch & Discover Systems and SOMI Trailers.

Everything from batteries to emergency shelters are covered in this special show.



Teaming children with machines

November 17, 2017

Phil Westcott from Filament is joined by Heather Picov of Apps for Good


The moment that we have been waiting for happened on Monday morning at 9am. It was the time of our big TechTalk22 reveal on TechRadar, one of the biggest tech websites in the country.

Our presenter, Sue Nelson, assembled a number of big names in the tech world – including guest presenter Sarah Luxford, Gadgette Founder Holly Brockwell and Rich Walker of Shadow Robot – to compile their top 22 of UK companies at the forefront of tech innovation. 

Catch the full list here on TechRadar and our website here.

While the excitement of TechTalk22 remained, Sue and Paul Armstrong had some more fantastic companies to chat to.

Phil Westcott is a bit of an expert when it comes to AI and machine learning. He has set up the Filament platform, which is allowing businesses to focus on the creative stuff and become far more efficient with their data and resources.

We then welcomed Heather Picov to the mic. She is on a bit of a mission to get youngsters invested in the tech industry. She has setup Apps For Good – their free courses helps 10-18 year-olds to build mobile apps and IoT products.


Fill your new home with flowers

November 10, 2017

Join us for an hour where we hear from Mick Silver of MoovShack and Phill Burton of Bloom & Wild 



We’ve been getting very excited about TechTalk22 – you may have heard about this already, but on Monday 13th November we are releasing our list of the top 22 most exciting tech firms in the UK. This is being published on TechRadar.com – however, in the meantime, we had to remain professional and produce another fantastic podcast. 

It wasn’t too difficult though, we had some fantastic guests. This was a good show for Paul Armstrong to return to, alongside Sue Nelson. 

To kick us off, we were talking moving homes. The least attractive of thoughts – until now. Rather than countless back and forths with solicitors and estate agents, we met Mick Silver from MoovShack. They have created an app which allows the nitty gritty of sorting agents to be done on your phone. Feet up and collect the keys.

Sticking with the theme, what might you buy a new homeowner? ‘How about some lovely flowers – nice. Ah, but I don’t know when they’ll be in – damn it. Oh wait, let’s send them through the letterbox – perfect’. We’d imagine this was exactly the thought process behind Bloom & Wild – yep, you can send flowers (and even Christmas trees) through a letterbox. This techy company is brilliant.


Detective Dot visits SVB

November 3, 2017

We hear from Tom Butterworth of SVB and check-in with Sophie Deen's Detective Dot


Halloween has  been and gone, but we still have a frighteningly good TechTalk Show for you to enjoy. The future of banking and the future of coding were both discussed and not a pumpkin in sight.

Joining Sue Nelson in the presenters’ chairs this week was Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates. We kicked the show off by finding out about all the different projects that Russ is involved with.

Neither of them were a stranger to our first guest either. Tom Butterworth is the UK Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank and came along to the studio to tell us all about their story – they are the only bank in the UK focused solely on the innovation economy.

Our next guest benefitted from a barrage of hate on Social Media, thanks to their tag-line ‘inspiring the next generation of coders, not Kardashians’. It was the brainchild of Sophie Deen’s mother and, while Sophie doesn’t mind a bit of KimYe, it’s a catchy saying. Sophie has invented the Detective Dot character, who is making coding fun. Dot has been attracting a lot of attention worldwide too – find out the whole story by taking a listen.


Jumping for joy

October 27, 2017

Oli Barrett of One Million Mentors and Pauline Issard on all things equine


Pre-orders for the iPhone X started this week and, as such, it’s rather difficult to type having sold all my arms and legs – at least I still have my eyes to unlock it. Anyway, moving on, we’ve got something for you to enjoy while the orders are shipped.

Sue Nelson and Steve Griffiths had another hour of informative tech talk to keep them occupied.

First up, we gained a bit of free mentoring from Oli Barrett. He’s quite a big name in the world of tech and he’s on the advisory board of One Million Mentors – an organisation where potential mentors sign-up to help fledgling businesses.

Our other guest was talking about a topic which we’re pretty sure is a first for us – horses. There’s neigh chance that we were going to miss this one. Pauline Issard has started the Trackener business which is a bit like a FitBit for our equine friends. You’d better take a listen.



A touch of agriculture

October 19, 2017

While storms, red suns and sepia skies have dominated headlines this week. Nothing was going to stop Sue Nelson and Steve Griffiths enjoying another fantastic TechTalk show.

One person who’s in tune with nature is Jonathan Lodge. He’s  CEO of City Farm Systems, an amazingly innovative company who are converting the wasted space of building roofs to plots of land perfect for supplying the nation with the greenest of beans.

From city farms to cyber security, Sue recently hosted a networking event especially for women in business and one of the speakers was Jane Frankland. Jane is an expert in the industry and told us all about her story.

Last of all, we were hearing from the boss of TouchNote. They are a hugely popular company that you may have used to turn photos into postcards, and Dan Ziv is the man in charge. Of particular note is the unbelievable Annual Leave policy that their staff enjoy. Listen back to hear it.



Chartering a fairer tech ship

October 13, 2017

It emerged this week that Royal Leamington Spa is the happiest place to live in the UK. We’ve not checked the stats, but we can only assume that the majority of their residents are subscribed to The TechTalk Show podcasts.

Continuing to make the Midlanders marvel this week were Sue Nelson and Steve Griffiths, with another hour of varied tech chat to enjoy.

First on the mic was Debbie Forster from the Tech Talent Charter. Debbie is on a bit of a mission to get more women involved in technology, something that will hugely benefit the industry.

We went back in time to take a look into the future for the middle part of our show. Armand Didier is creating Mixed Reality applications for some very impressive clients. We met him back at the Tech XLR8 event earlier this year.

Our last guest has a wealth of experience in the industry. From leading roles at Telefonica, Virgin Media and Digicel – Erik Staaf has now created his own company focusing on IOT in mobile connected devices. Definitely worth a listen.



Bright ideas in abundance

October 6, 2017

In a week where Yahoo admitted that their entire database of email customers was hacked back in 2013, we knew we were safe and sound with Sue Nelson and Sarah Luxford in the presenters’ seats.

We love good ideas. All of our past guests have had great ideas with their businesses, but our first guest this week deals only with good ideas. Owen Hunnam has created the Idea Drop software which allows businesses to harness all the positives in their staff’s ideas. 

In line with Yahoo’s backtracking, we decided to have a little throwback session for the second half of the show.

First up, we heard back from Rendermedia. We caught up with them at the Tech XLR8 Show and they are creating some fantastic VR and AR solutions for business. Next, we found out about mobile compliance from KyoLab and finally we delved into the world of 3D music thanks to Kinicho.