Making property fashionable

August 18, 2017

In a week where the Premier League returned to our television screens (not through Kodi boxes hopefully, naughty), Steve Griffiths and James Sloan felt like they were in the Theatre of Dreams with all the fantastic tech around them. 

First onto the airwaves was Anthony Rushworth from Homegrown. Steve likes a bit of property, so he was more than happy to discuss the intelligent property investment platform.

Daniel Craig was also confirmed for another instalment of James Bond this week, but we’re not sure our espionage-style Unboxing product would make the cut with Q.

Moving on, we decided that Steve and James need a style makeover, so we welcomed Aaron Jones from See Fashion into the studio. If you find yourself browsing through one brand’s website for ages each day, it’s probably because Aaron’s team have hooked you in.

Finally, we decided to get to grips with some legal discussion. Anthony Rose has founded Seed Legals, which allows founders and investors to create all the legal documents they need to build their company and close their funding round, online, in minutes from any connected device. 


Sky high reviews

August 11, 2017

We aren’t sure he deserved one but, nonetheless, Dan Hawkes decided to swan off on holiday this week. Taking his place alongside Steve Griffiths was James Sloan – we treated him to a show full of great tech.

First up, we welcomed Ian Robb from Reputation Builder. What do they do? Well, they build reputations. The world of customer reviews is vast and difficult to negotiate, but Ian’s company is helping its clients to carve a path to greatness.

Another world that is vast and difficult to negotiate is the Unboxing world. None of the guests were impressed and we almost broke an iPhone in the process.

To lift our spirits, we then welcomed Ahrani Logan – who proceeded to whizz us into outer space. Her company, Peapodicity, are educators in STEM and STEAM but they do it with a difference. Their ‘AugmentifyIt’ app is bringing space to life with the help of AR. Very cool.

Finally, we know in our office that James likes to ask a question, so he loved Jeremy King’s company, Attest. These guys are revolutionising the difficult world of market research with helpful answers to essential questions.


Unbound live special

August 4, 2017

Like dogs being taken on a walk, we love a tech expo to get away from TechTalk HQ for a couple of days.

 In July we were delighted to attend the fantastic Unbound Live event at the Old Truman Brewery in London. The bustling venue showed us the best of UK innovation in tech – we had some great chats too.

On day one, James Sloan was delighted to meet Starling Bank who are revolutionising the way we do banking. He also loves a festival, so the guys at Festyvent were right up his street. Finally, he was able to keep his cool with the help of Doppel’s wearables.

Steve Griffiths was in the hot seat for the next day. Freestak have their finger on the pulse in the sporting world, Labrador are leading us on the way to decent smart phone devices and Mallzee offer ‘clothes shopping on speed’ according to Steve – you’d better listen to find out more.



Don’t be a data drip

July 28, 2017

With the news that Bill Gates lost, briefly, his title as the world’s richest man, Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes harboured dreams of making a charge for the no.1 spot; they’d better hope this packed show goes well. 

Our first guests have a company that could make a real impact. Alex Young heads a team of techie doctors who are helping start-ups in med tech with their company Healthcare Start-Up Society – they can offer all the fixing you need.

Unboxing was next and what a shocker – the product was universally liked! We were all a bit confused about what to do when the product doesn’t need to be binned.

Getting us back on our feet and delving into some interesting tech was Julie Evans from Exonar. Business owners will often realise that they have data flying everywhere but no way of tracking what is where – Julie’s company are here to sort it all out without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Our final guest has created what is essentially a watertight WhatsApp service for the VIPs for the world. There’s no need to worry about hacking, so doctors can discuss medical details, business owners can discuss deals and MPs can talk about expenses.



No more stranger danger

July 20, 2017

We’ve had a busy week at TechTalk HQ – as well as being busy at the tech festival Unbound (watch this space for the action), we have still managed to get a cracking show on-air for you. We hope Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes aren’t too overworked.

Our first guest was Colleen Wong from Tech Sixty Four. Unfortunately, Steve needed this tech 15-years ago when his daughter was a toddler (showing his age), but the company’s Gator Watch is an absolute must for parents at the moment. The worry of losing your child in a busy public space may be over.

From one handy bit of tech to another that was a massive let down. This week’s Unboxing product was designed to help relaxing, but it left Steve & Dan in a rage instead.

Back to better tech, we welcomed Andrew Brogden on to the show and discussed Stay Private – so we won’t say anymore. Just joking of course – they are helping businesses and individuals get ahead of hackers with their encryption services for emails and private messaging apps.



Meeting of minds

July 14, 2017

It has been a week of worry for some parents with the growing popularity of Snapchat Maps. However, we needn’t worry about Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes – we don’t need GPS maps to know that they will always be in the TechTalk studio on a Thursday.

Our first guest is doing something that we’re sure every business person would be happy with. Meetings make for miserable occasions at times, but Natalie from Avocor let us know how their products have been specifically designed to enhance the meeting space through collaboration.

Unboxing is our favourite thing to watch every week but Steve, Dan and Natalie were not even nearly impressed with this week’s offering. Back in the box…

Moving on, we decided that it has best for you guys to hear some more from some of the fantastic innovation that was on-display at Tech XLR8 a couple of weeks ago. Hear from Pavegen who are turning your footsteps into energy and Fing App who are securing the safety of your tech devices.


Lighting up your shopping experience

July 6, 2017

We found out this week that over a third of fans are streaming Premier League football illegally, but luckily we don’t have to worry as we give you an hour on tech for free each week – Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes wish it wasn’t so though, they’d love to earn as much as Wayne Rooney and Paul Pogba.

Another one of Dan and Steve’s pet hates is shopping, but luckily our first guest seeks to end the humdrum of the shopping centre. We should GoInStore as they are using mobile technology to stream live from the view point of an in-store sales person directly to the website visitor.

Moving on to something that they love…Unboxing! We love a bit of rubbish tech, it’s a good laugh – this week’s product certainly qualified for a few giggles too.

We won’t take the Unboxing tech with us to Unbound, don’t worry. The TechTalk team are heading up to London for the tech expo of the year and we had a chat with the chief organiser of the event to find out about the great companies we can expect to meet.


Facing a night out?

June 30, 2017

If Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes were iPhones – which one would they be? Possibly the 3 – revolutionary, popular but also quite vintage. In a week where the Apple handset turned 10, we banned any mention of the upcoming 8 – we’d never want to upgrade them.

If they are indeed a 3, they should maybe update some of the software because our first guest had some very advanced tech. We all get frustrated with authentication, right? Andrew Budd certainly does, and that’s why he’s created iProov. They are getting rid of all the passwords and fingerprint checks with some secure facial recognition software. Handy. Facey.

Unboxing turned out to be quite the let-down this week. A product ideal for the outdoors that you cannot actually use outdoors – not ideal.

After that palaver, we needed a night out. It looks like our last guest had us covered too. Anna Frankowska tells us all about the Nightset App – they make sure that you aren’t missing out on the perfect party.



Tech XLR8 special

June 23, 2017

If you’re in the UK amid an unprecedented heatwave, the very last pace you want to be in London – the classic urban heat trap. So, of course, we ended up melting our tech batteries in the capital – all for our listeners’ pleasure!

On this podcast we have a special show for, where we caught up with the best innovative companies at the TechXLR8 and AppsWorld expos. Steve Griffiths, Dan Hawkes, James Sloan and Sue Nelson had a fantastic time at Excel.

Vel Mai, nCube Home, Prescience, Nine Degree Technologies, Accelerrecomm and ZeroLight represented the finest tech on offer – we even hopped into a Tesla at one point, so listen out for that one.


One recording room in London

June 16, 2017

We’ve been busy bees at TechTalk this past week. We were up at London’s Excel for a couple of days seeing UK tech at its most innovative at the Tech XLR8 show (listen back next week to find out how we got on) but we made sure we had another superb show for you.

First up, we had some of the team from Room One London come and chat to us. Elena Corchero and Melissa Dore are part of a design and technology lab that is bridging the gap between virtual realities and the physical world – you need to hear what they both had to say.

From new technologies to a blast from the past, for this week’s Unboxing product we had a retro classic that’s had a bit of a makeover. Is this product going to snake its way past Apple? Probably not. Can you tell what we’re talking about? 

Any mention of VR gets us excited, so we decided to listen back to one of our interviews from the Wearable Technology Show recently. Mark Reed is from My Life Digital and their company is making sure that they are a trusted name when it comes to personal data.