A touch of agriculture

October 19, 2017

While storms, red suns and sepia skies have dominated headlines this week. Nothing was going to stop Sue Nelson and Steve Griffiths enjoying another fantastic TechTalk show.

One person who’s in tune with nature is Jonathan Lodge. He’s  CEO of City Farm Systems, an amazingly innovative company who are converting the wasted space of building roofs to plots of land perfect for supplying the nation with the greenest of beans.

From city farms to cyber security, Sue recently hosted a networking event especially for women in business and one of the speakers was Jane Frankland. Jane is an expert in the industry and told us all about her story.

Last of all, we were hearing from the boss of TouchNote. They are a hugely popular company that you may have used to turn photos into postcards, and Dan Ziv is the man in charge. Of particular note is the unbelievable Annual Leave policy that their staff enjoy. Listen back to hear it.



Chartering a fairer tech ship

October 13, 2017

It emerged this week that Royal Leamington Spa is the happiest place to live in the UK. We’ve not checked the stats, but we can only assume that the majority of their residents are subscribed to The TechTalk Show podcasts.

Continuing to make the Midlanders marvel this week were Sue Nelson and Steve Griffiths, with another hour of varied tech chat to enjoy.

First on the mic was Debbie Forster from the Tech Talent Charter. Debbie is on a bit of a mission to get more women involved in technology, something that will hugely benefit the industry.

We went back in time to take a look into the future for the middle part of our show. Armand Didier is creating Mixed Reality applications for some very impressive clients. We met him back at the Tech XLR8 event earlier this year.

Our last guest has a wealth of experience in the industry. From leading roles at Telefonica, Virgin Media and Digicel – Erik Staaf has now created his own company focusing on IOT in mobile connected devices. Definitely worth a listen.



Bright ideas in abundance

October 6, 2017

In a week where Yahoo admitted that their entire database of email customers was hacked back in 2013, we knew we were safe and sound with Sue Nelson and Sarah Luxford in the presenters’ seats.

We love good ideas. All of our past guests have had great ideas with their businesses, but our first guest this week deals only with good ideas. Owen Hunnam has created the Idea Drop software which allows businesses to harness all the positives in their staff’s ideas. 

In line with Yahoo’s backtracking, we decided to have a little throwback session for the second half of the show.

First up, we heard back from Rendermedia. We caught up with them at the Tech XLR8 Show and they are creating some fantastic VR and AR solutions for business. Next, we found out about mobile compliance from KyoLab and finally we delved into the world of 3D music thanks to Kinicho.


Didn’t you get the memo?

September 29, 2017

Fifa, the best-selling game in the UK, is back, so it’s lucky that we recorded another fantastic TechTalk on the day before its release. Now it’s Friday, I doubt there’s anybody reading this at all.

We also had a presenting debut for Russ Shaw, the Founder of Tech London Advocates. He joined Sue Nelson and Sarah Luxford to complete our superstar line-up.

For our first conversation, we decided to mix up some different forms of media. Video may have killed the radio star, but we were pretty confident that Alex Wood, the print expert, meant us no harm. Alex is the Editor of The Memo Magazine and he gave us an insight into the challenges that he has faced.

Taking a break, we did a bit of clever shopping. Adimo were one of the fantastic companies that we spoke to at the Unbound event – their software is gaining customers and generating loyalty.

Before we called time to allow our fans the chance to pre-order their favourite game, we heard from Suki Fuller. Suki has a rich experience in the tech industry and is one of the Women In Tech Advocates – she’s got a number of other projects on-the-go too.


Predicting a bright future

September 22, 2017

It was all change at TechTalk this week. Not only did we have a new studio, we also had a new presenting line-up. 

Joining Sue Nelson on the mic was Paul Armstrong, from the tech consultancy HERE/FORTH, and Sarah Luxford who founded the TLA Women in Tech movement.

First to be grilled by the new team was Jeremy Sosabowski from AlgoDynamix. They have created some very clever software which focuses on financial forecasting for the future. They don’t believe in looking back at the past.

From software to security, we heard back from one of the companies we met at Unbound a while ago. Richard Pursey is CEO at SafeToNet and they are focused on keeping children safe online through things like app management and device blocking.

From software to security and finally to students. If you live in a University town you may be noticing a fresh batch of weary and hungover millennials – you can forgive them for it during Freshers’ Week but they’ll knuckle down soon enough with the help of George Biddle’s SignIn Student app. Attend lectures, get jobs. Simples.



Don’t sweat about Molli

September 15, 2017

Apple had a bit of an embarrassing gaffe this week when their facial recognition software let them down upon the release of iPhone X but neither Steve Griffiths nor Dan Hawkes need a phone to be recognised – they are TechTalk famous. 

Our first guest’s name is Huw Prosser but he came on to TechTalk to tell us about Molli. She is the receptionist that doesn’t get tired, sick or make an error – she is mates with Alexa and is made by Blooware Technologies.

Next up was somebody who is of particular relevance to Dan. He likes his fitness, not that you’d know it (sorry Dan), so he enjoyed meeting Stephanie Newport-Booth from GoSweat. They are your one-stop shop for finding the best ways and places to work up a sweat.

Our last guest is aiming to make our travelling experiences a lot better. Tom Charman is from Kompas App and they describe themselves as the pocket guide to the world’s urban jungles – whether you like cats drinking tea or Peruvian cock fighting, it’s all there.



September 13, 2017

You’d think with all of the social networks out in the domain these days, there would be no room for innovation…Cuckuu disagree. 

We caught up with Joao Jesus at the Tech XLR8 show and introduced his unique alarm clock app. You can setup public alarms for events that you think others may like and can even make sure you wake up next to your partner if you’re long distance. Cute.

Find out the full capabilities of this great app by visiting the website and listening back to the podcast.


Indicate to a tech great

September 8, 2017

While children may not have been looking forward to returning to school, we were pretty sure Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes were buzzing to arrive back at the studio for another terrific TechTalk Show.

We had an early indicator that this show would be a good one with our first guest Jonny Stephens. Jonny told us all about IndiCater – they are making waves in the hospitality industry with their clever software that just takes the fuss out of things. Ideal.

From food to apps, we seamlessly pushed our way into conversation with Max Williams. Pusher are giving a nudge to the tech world. Their apps and coding have already secured some very impressive clients.

We were still hungry after our first chat, so we hastily turned to seafood. While we were disappointed to learn that Lobster weren’t actually producers of lobster when we met them at Unbound recently, we were very impressed with their snappy collection of photos.

To bring the show to a close, we were initiated into a tribe. Adam Fagg is part of the Innovation Tribe in Kent and he told us all about how their group can help solve problems and launch new products for their members.



September 7, 2017


We visited the Unbound Global event in London for the first time back in July and we fell in love with it.


The trade festival allowed us to meet some really innovative start-ups and SMEs who are really exciting the world of tech. We were wowed by the ambition and creativity of those we met.


Listen back to one of our fantastic interviews above.


Kyo Lab

September 7, 2017


We visited the Unbound Global event in London for the first time back in July and we fell in love with it.


The trade festival allowed us to meet some really innovative start-ups and SMEs who are really exciting the world of tech. We were wowed by the ambition and creativity of those we met.


Listen back to one of our fantastic interviews above.