The TechTalk Show

A breath of fresh air

April 21, 2017

They may have overdone the chocolate over the Easter weekend, but Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes managed to find their way down to the TechTalk studio.


We had a packed schedule, so made sure that we had no time to talk about some sort of important election that’ll be happening soon – Claire Jenkins was ready and waiting on the phone for us and we like her. Why? She’s making networking tasty through her company Table Crowd, they’ve survived even though Dan and Steve managed to elude the door security to attend once upon a time.


The Unboxing continued it’s ‘It Rocks’ resurgence thanks to a little device that some of you may have seen before. It was a close call though…


Now, for our next guest, we had Raspberries in the studio but we were joined by a company who are all-over Raspberry-pi. Not sure what it is? You’d better listen to the pi-top team.


We ended the show on a medical wearable note. First, we heard from one of the great companies that we spoke to at the Wearable Technology Show – Vybra Solutions discussed how to cleanse the air around you. Then, before the curtain came down on another week, we welcomed Jane Ollis from Quvium. If you’re an asthma sufferer, this is the product for you – it’s a personalised cough monitor – listen to the show for more details, it’s well worth it.