The TechTalk Show

Expressing love for gaming

May 19, 2017

We had a bit of a gamer theme on the TechTalk show this week, perfect for Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes who are big kids at heart. They kicked off by discussing the best VR games for the pub – the boxing is all too real for Steve though!

Somebody who is more likely to be able to make these VR dreams a reality is Mark Cundle, through his company Austella. They love all things VR and they even have a tour of their office on their website. We heard all about their story about the Wearable Tech show 

Sticking with games, we also heard from Sri & Shariff from Game Bench. Dan loves these guys because he loves Android and hates Apple, while iPhone 7 fanboy Steve is won over too. The company are ascending Android apps to be the best.

Even Unboxing had us twiddling our thumbs. A blast from the past had us all rocking, apart from the ever-cynical Dan.

To buy all these types of game products, of course, you need a good platform online to find them. As such, it was lucky that we spoke to Michal Schwartz from Expressly. They are revolutionising the online shopping world with their technology that just makes sense to the consumer.