The TechTalk Show

Fill your new home with flowers

November 10, 2017

Join us for an hour where we hear from Mick Silver of MoovShack and Phill Burton of Bloom & Wild 



We’ve been getting very excited about TechTalk22 – you may have heard about this already, but on Monday 13th November we are releasing our list of the top 22 most exciting tech firms in the UK. This is being published on – however, in the meantime, we had to remain professional and produce another fantastic podcast. 

It wasn’t too difficult though, we had some fantastic guests. This was a good show for Paul Armstrong to return to, alongside Sue Nelson. 

To kick us off, we were talking moving homes. The least attractive of thoughts – until now. Rather than countless back and forths with solicitors and estate agents, we met Mick Silver from MoovShack. They have created an app which allows the nitty gritty of sorting agents to be done on your phone. Feet up and collect the keys.

Sticking with the theme, what might you buy a new homeowner? ‘How about some lovely flowers – nice. Ah, but I don’t know when they’ll be in – damn it. Oh wait, let’s send them through the letterbox – perfect’. We’d imagine this was exactly the thought process behind Bloom & Wild – yep, you can send flowers (and even Christmas trees) through a letterbox. This techy company is brilliant.