The TechTalk Show

Now Loading an efficient day

June 9, 2017

There was no talk of Politics on this week’s TechTalk show while the ballot boxes start filling-up across the UK, but it’s a good thought – who would get your vote to be the TechTalk Prime Minister? Dan Hawkes or Steve Griffiths – who would be the lesser of the two evils?

First up, we caught up with Fissara and their Director Jon Holttum. They are experts at efficiency when it comes to processes in the workplace – maybe we should get them involved more in the TechTalk studio to keep Dan and Steve in-line.

As everybody else was voting in the UK, there was only two choices of response for Unboxing. It was a bad decision for this week’s product – their campaigning might have been helped if the batteries were still running.

Some voters pick their party out of loyalty. It’s a concept that consumers often buy into too. Our next guests, Scrummy, are revolutionizing the way that we build up rewards through our favourite retailers and businesses.

To bring the show to a close, we had a bit of a gaming chat – we weren’t slacking towards the end though. Tim Horton is from NowLoading, they are specialists in the video game media industry and they work closely with the digital magazine, Movie Pilot.