The TechTalk Show

Protection for a lone wolf

January 27, 2017

President Trump has taken to his seat in the Oval Office for the first time while Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes took to their rather worn-in studio seats; it’s unclear who will cause more trouble at this stage.

We wouldn’t ever trust Steve or Dan to be left alone in the office alone, but for those business owners who can trust their staff, we spoke to Andy Natt who has developed an app to provide personal protection for lone workers. It’s definitely worth looking into. 

This week’s Unboxing segment had a twist – Dan even left the studio for a while, but not because he was upset by what we had to offer… Find out what was going on by watching the live video back on our Twitter page.

Moving on, and we had a fantastic Tech Savvy interview with Penny Power. She’s received an OBE from the Queen and is building The Business Café – a great place for small business owners to meet.

Finally, we welcomed Tudor Price on to the show. Tudor works for the Kent Invicta Chamber, an organistaion that helps tech start-ups in Kent. He has some great advice for our listeners too.

Join us next week to hear a special show based on our trip to the IoT Tech Expo.