The TechTalk Show

Recharge, don’t flat line

March 1, 2018
Dan Bladden introuduces the future of mobile charging with Chargifi & Alastair Barrow talks us through Haptics in the medical world with Generic Robotics
How many techies does it take to figure out a solution to keep Britain’s public transport moving when it starts snowing? Evidently not enough. We only had to hike through the blizzards, whilst getting frostbite, to bring you this podcast. Thank us later.
Our snowy trek left us pretty short of juice on our phone; no adventure would be complete with a Snapchat selfie or two, obviously.
Luckily, we had a wireless charging guru who graced us with his presence. Dan Bladden founded the Chargifi brand which is working on world domination when it comes to getting their technology into your favourite cafes and restaurants. Amen to that.
Our last guest, Alastair Barrow, both terrified and reassured us with equal gusto. Alastair has founded Generic Robotics, they create training devices for clinical skills built around “haptics” – the science of touch feedback. Terrifying because trainee surgeons have, in the past, been left feeling inexperienced in key situations. Reassuring because this new training method will cut mistakes, potentially life-ending mistakes. Cheery.