The TechTalk Show

Scan down, speak up

March 24, 2017

In a week where the world celebrated International Happiness Day, Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes returned to the TechTalk studio with some beaming smiles because we had some great companies to speak to.

Steve has claimed that he used to struggle in exams as a child, we can believe that! First up, we heard all about a company called Scanning Pens from Jack Churchill. They could’ve helped Steve when he was a child, but they are now helping children today from all around the world.

For Unboxing this week, we’ve decided that Social Media exec Harry needs to up his game with the secret goods on offer. You might want to skip over this one and jump into the next segment.

Getting us Tech Savvy this week was Richard Little from Eversheds. Sue Nelson had spoken to him earlier in the week and got advice all about the legal side of invoicing and payments.

Our last guest on the show this week was Justin Lyon from Simudyne. Justin believes that every consequential decision should be subjected to a computer simulation to improve the chances of success. It’s an interesting concept and they have developed AI software called Providence to help make those decisions. Hopefully the software will recommend listening to the podcast all day!