The TechTalk Show

Stepping up your shares game

January 20, 2017

We had so many guests in the studio this week that there nearly wasn’t enough room for Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes to present TechTalk. Luckily their post-Christmas diets have kicked in sufficiently enough to squeeze them in. 

On the topic of January weight-loss, it was handy that we were able to welcome Paul Nuki on to the show as our first guest. Paul’s company StepJockey have developed an app to help combat sedentary behaviour in the office. Make sure you’re walking around while listening to this podcast. 

We needed two cracks of the whip when it came to the Unboxing product. Dan’s fear of the instruction booklet caused an issue again, but the final results weren’t great for the mystery product regardless.  

Tech Savvy went live this week! Our usually pre-recorded segment came to life as we invited Katie Arnold from AfriKids along. The charity is doing fantastic work for children in Ghana and Katie explains how they are introducing kids to tech.

To bring TechTalk to a close this week we had Shane Leonard from Stockflare. With Brexit and Trump, the markets are quite volatile at the moment – Shane explains how his company can help guide you through the minefield.