The TechTalk Show

Techs get it on…

February 17, 2017

Often mistaken for an old married couple, Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes took to the TechTalk studio after a week of Valentines celebrations. Passions may have spilled over the edge with Unboxing in the middle part of the show - the lights were off and Marvin Gaye was on… Need we say more?

Before things got hot and heavy though, we had a fantastic chat with Robert Dragan from Learnium. Speaking on the phone from his office beanbag overlooking a river, Robert explained how his app is improving education by providing better communication for students and teachers alike.

Having moved on from Unboxing, we then got the lowdown on Eversheds, the corporate law specialists, with the help of Charlotte Walker-Osborn.

Before the love-in ended, we caught up with Shruti Malani-Krishnan from Powr of You. They are urging people to be #DataSmart and are offering the opportunity for payment from social media activity. Quids in.