The TechTalk Show

The key to a smart and secure home

February 24, 2017

In a week when Amazon contested the use of an Alexa voice recording in a court case, there was no silencing Steve and Dan as they presented another hour of TechTalk. 

Our studio guest was Nigel Walley, MD of Chimni. His company have developed a smart filing system for homeowners to aggregate all of their bills, insurance documents, licences, etc. in one place! 

An eventful unboxing segment was split into two parts as Producer James and Social Media Harry initially provided batteries, but no screwdriver, much to the amusement of Dan and Steve. Take two was more successful and once again the lights were dimmed to showcase this week’s mystery product.

We then heard Sue Nelson’s Tech Savvy interview with Francois Mazoudier, the Founder of Croydon-based Tech Hub, TMRW. A fabulous alternative to the traditional desk space hire model with the benefit of central London travel links without the central London prices.

Finally, we spoke to James Heywood – Marketing Manager at Lincoln Security – who enlightened us with the development of eLoq, an electronic key system guaranteed to improve security. Its’ associated cloud-based software tracks every time a lock is opened and is set to revolutionise both home and business owners locking up routines.