The TechTalk Show

Video killed the radio star

May 26, 2017

London calling to the faraway towns – TechTalk is on the road and hitting the big city. Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes don’t have any groupies yet, but they remain ever hopeful…

We christened our new studio with a fantastic show full of brilliant guests. Although, to kick us off, we had The Buggles going through our heads – we’re hoping video doesn’t kill the radio stars because we spoke to Sophie High from Plotto – the online video research solution. We escaped unharmed.

Our new location didn’t breed any new success in Unboxing this week, unfortunately. Could this have been the most ridiculed product ever?

We needed some tunes to get us back in the mood after our Unboxing flop. It was lucky that we had Jukedeck to pick up the mood. Businesses use music more than what you might think – there’s a lot of science in it. Patrick Stobbs explains how his company are exploiting the highest tech in AI to create compositions that will go a long way.

Now, with our last guest, Steve & Dan might be running scared. They should hope that people aren’t searching for ‘Tech Radio Presenters’ on ProFinda or otherwise they may be out of the job! Seb Haire explains how the firm are connecting the right people in the right places, but also how they are so much better than LinkedIn.